The brand’s distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces blend modern, high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship with an aesthetic inspired by the 1960s and 70’s. Elemento’s goal is to use luxury materials – including an incredibly rich collection of patterned, multicolored textiles – to create cozy and comfortable settings. The beauty of the brand is that it seamlessly blends into all environments, whether retro or contemporary, large or small, private or public. Goldberg’s designs have adorned individual homes and livened up public spaces including hotels, restaurants and offices, both locally and abroad. Elemento acts as a unique beacon of excellence that shines in a dark sea of machine-made, mass-manufactured industry prevalent in today’s world, and brings the focus back to the individual, human touch.

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Our Monthly Obsessions

Conemoting Market, Shenzhen, China

The project "Conemoting Market" by Yebin design involved the renovation of an existing building surrounded by residential buildings from the 1990s, invites shoppers into a futuristic interior that combines a retail space with a bar and café.

Stores nowadays have evolved from a simple sales space into a lifestyle carrier and social place. Conemoting Market is a physical space created for the online space, where the self-expression desire from the young generation can be released, the passion and inclusiveness of the old city community is ignited, meanwhile, it reflects the progress of the diversification of commercial ecology in Chinese cities.

The ground floor functions as café in the daytime and a bar in the evening. The transparent orange and red acrylic plates divide the dining area, building a psychedelic visual effect. the warm colors are highlighted by the contrast with the cold silver façade, making it stand.

The entire retail space is wrapped by metallic silver, creating an upscale industrial art atmosphere. all the finishes and products, such as pipes and the huge hand-like chairs, are custom made.

Shou County Culture and Art Center, Anhui, China

Despite its long and rich history as the last capital of the ancient Chou State during the third century BCE, Shou County in eastern China isn’t known as a cultural destination. A new project by Beijing-based architects Studio Zhu-Pei is sure to rectify this injustice.

Designed as a reflection of the introverted morphology of the historic walled city and the local courtyard houses of, Shou County Culture and Art Center takes the form of a monolithic urban block that conceals a multitude of courtyards, paths, balconies and bridges that invite visitors to explore it

Several functions are contained within the solid, rectangular form, including a cultural center. Internal courtyards appear as though carved into the solid block form, with each assigned to other functions - exhibition spaces, classrooms, lecture halls, studios and a library.

The stone and concrete complex is a paradigm of restraint, balance and harmony that reflects the timeless grace of the ancient city.


Wife, New-York

WIFE is a botanical studio based in Brooklyn specializing in plant-based artworks and custom arrangements. Artist and Creative Director, Sophie Parker, looks at the botanical world as a sculptural medium. Drawing from her background as a painter and visual artist, Parker merges the handmade with the organic. Her work aims to challenge classical notions of floral arranging by reimagining traditional forms and offering new modes of thinking about what is “natural.”