The brand’s distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces blend modern, high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship with an aesthetic inspired by the 1960s and 70’s. Elemento’s goal is to use luxury materials – including an incredibly rich collection of patterned, multicolored textiles – to create cozy and comfortable settings. The beauty of the brand is that it seamlessly blends into all environments, whether retro or contemporary, large or small, private or public. Goldberg’s designs have adorned individual homes and livened up public spaces including hotels, restaurants and offices, both locally and abroad. Elemento acts as a unique beacon of excellence that shines in a dark sea of machine-made, mass-manufactured industry prevalent in today’s world, and brings the focus back to the individual, human touch.

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Our Monthly Obsessions

Zhongshuge bookstore, Beijing, China

Designed by Chinese architecture studio x+living and situated within the Lafayette department store, the new interior of Zhongshuge bookstore in Beijing, makes reference to classical Chinese gardens to transport customers into a flowing space that celebrates books at every turn. Different areas of the bookstore are connected by large circular arches, which serve not only to direct people but also to frame views of the space. Making use of the arched shape, x+living has also built in several spots to stop and sit, so that the symbolized arched door has the dual meaning of function and aesthetics.

the design also utilizes different floor levels to celebrate the simple act of walking through the store. x+living created a ceremonial and secluded atmosphere by using the central symmetrical layout of traditional architecture. the bookshelf is inspired from screen art, on the back of which is the lamp box acting as a light source.

Hannah Caldwell Photography, Melbourne

Melbourne-based still life and food photographer, Hannah Caldwell’s food images reveal rich colors, texture, light and shade, and have a clean, minimal feel that nevertheless shows her appreciation of drama and strong graphic lines and creates an emotion and mood through the shot to really engage the viewer. Caldwell has more than a decade’s experience in the photography industry. She has created images for advertising and editorial both in Australia and overseas.

Alongside client's projects, Hannah is working on personal projects in which she explores the beauty of raw products and ingredients, revealing a richness and depth which in their natural state is often overlooked and, especially in food photography, often underrepresented.

For her "FUNGI" series - a study exploring mushrooms, their fascinating shapes, colors and textures and a close up look at their intricate structures - she received 1st place in Fine Art - Still life category, in the 2019 IPA Lucie awards.


Apfelhotel, South Tyrol, Italy

Apfelhotel Torgglerhof (Apple Hotel) combines hospitality with farm-life, a startlingly designed destination to linger, connect, and soak up the unforgettable scenery. studio Noa* (Network of Architecture) designed the Apfelhotel inspired by the landscape and the symbol of this place, the apple. The site at torgglerhof lies at the mouth of the passeier valley, with cultural roots that run deep in the cultivation of apples. The hotel become a boutique hotel for retreat. The project houses a restaurant, hotel, and wellness center sculpturally cuts underground into the landscape, as well as eighteen new suites, carefully curated with a design language that celebrates the rural, mountainous context. The design team emphasizes a preservation of the farmhouse typology, maintaining its scale and traditional ornamentation.