The brand’s distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces blend modern, high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship with an aesthetic inspired by the 1960s and 70’s. Elemento’s goal is to use luxury materials – including an incredibly rich collection of patterned, multicolored textiles – to create cozy and comfortable settings. The beauty of the brand is that it seamlessly blends into all environments, whether retro or contemporary, large or small, private or public. Goldberg’s designs have adorned individual homes and livened up public spaces including hotels, restaurants and offices, both locally and abroad. Elemento acts as a unique beacon of excellence that shines in a dark sea of machine-made, mass-manufactured industry prevalent in today’s world, and brings the focus back to the individual, human touch.

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Our Monthly Obsessions

Massimo Colonna ''(NO) GRAVITY''

Linear and simple architectural settings, inspired by buildings like “House and Studio” of Luis Barragan and “La Muralla Rosa” of Ricardo Bofill, are the background to (no) gravity moment. The colors and the natural shadows of the buildings interacting with the subjects of these images: a balloon that floats in the air, a plastic bag moved by the wind, a bouncing balloon and two paper airplanes flying down, are immortalized when they (don’t) gravitate. Massimo Colonna is an Italian Digital Artist, born in Scandiano (Italy) in 1986. His images, photos and render are characterized by a personal surreal and minimalistic vision aims to shows the essence of his works.

La patisserie du Meurice (Paris)

Restaurant Le Meurice’s pâtissier Cédric Grolet is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in the pastry world in France. Cédric Grolet was chosen as the Pâtissier of the Year 2015 by Le Chef Magazine, the Best Pastry Chef 2016 by Relais Desserts Excellence Awards, and the winner of Les Grandes Tables du Monde’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef last year. "Preserving the DNA of French pastries is very important, because it’s the root of everything", sais Cédric Grolet, "I just want to make them lighter and more exquisite. Because the time has changed, and so has our sense of aesthetics" The store’s interior of gleaming enamel, waxed brass, stone and blown glass, designed by French architecture collective Cigüe, is displaying the best of the pâtissier’s haute couture cakes.

Paradiso Ibiza art hotel

located on the main avenue of San Antonio Bay, in an idyllic enclave near the best beaches on the island. Paradiso Ibiza art hotel seeks to be scoundrel and transgressor, from the aesthetic approach to the content. Devoted to art and contemporary creation, and borrowing inspiration from the aesthetics of MiMo – Miami Modern – the new hotel introduces a whole new way of visiting the island, surrounded by high-quality art. Guests will be completely surrounded by art in a unique setting, with works by contemporary artists installed in all the hotel's Art Rooms. Designed by Spanish studio Ilmiodesign, the hotel's stark white exterior and simple shapes – enhanced by coloured lighting – is reminiscent of the art deco architecture found along Miami Beach.