Gran Fierro restaurant, Prague

The Prague restaurant, with a sustainable soul’ has re-opened after a grand redesign by award-winning Czech firm, Studio Formafatal that took the building back to its raw palette and made it all about the Brutalism.

The change was serendipitous after owner Juan Cruz Pacin, was forced to move to an address near The Mánes Exhibition Hall, a unique, industrial building from the 1930s which stands next to the Vltava river, and started to re-examine his eco principles. located in the New Town area it benefits from the vibes of the Historic Centre of Prague that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reuse was one of the key guiding principles of the entire design process, the designers used the existing furniture and equipment whenever possible. They turned exposed steel beams into bench bases, concrete bricks into display cubes, iron bars into space dividers and bar bottle racks, and wire mesh into trellises for plants and garden fencing. Light and shou-sugi-ban wall cladding- made in a Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it.