Ando Japanese, Spanish Restaurant, Hong Kong

Located in Jong Kong, this 30-seater restaurant is led by Argentinian chef Agustin Balbi, who comes from a Spanish and Italian family, reflects these amalgamated roots in his cuisine. Similarly, Cheng, founder of Singapore-based Brewin Design Office, distilling this hybridity into a minimalist, textured space inspired by context, the densest urban environment, layered and fully fabricated man-made.Cheng says he imagined the restaurant as a ‘slice’ of the city, represented by materials like rough concrete, raw and bush-hammered stone, and patinated metal, with robust forms that appear cast and carved from these surfaces.

Thick-walled arches and a bulky “chimney” feature that descends from the ceiling to spotlight a sculpture add to the feeling of weight and structural solidity. Subtle surface textures further enhance the dark-hued, industrial feel.